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Our vision is to create a shared responsibility among the school community to provide a supportive, equitable environment that is learner-centered, focused on rigorous, customized instruction through authentic learning experiences in order to prepare globally competitive students who are college and career ready.

PHHS Mission

Our mission is to work together to cultivate a community of life-long learners.

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As we continue with the last semester of the school year, we wanted to take this opportunity to remind our school communities of the appropriate use and impact of social media. Social media is a powerful and positive tool when used appropriately by our students, particularly when they are outside of the school environment. However, sometimes the pressures and demands brought on by social media lead our students to make poor decisions. As principals, we take the safety and well-being of all of our students very seriously. We have taken the opportunity today to remind our students of the appropriate use of social media and the consequences of inappropriate use.

The misuse of telecommunications, electronic devices, or social media tools in the school environment will be handled as outlined in the Student Behavior sections of Board of Education Policies and the Student Handbook. We encourage parents to speak to their children about the appropriate use of these tools, including social media sites, and the importance of refraining from uploading inappropriate pictures, harassing messages, or personal information about themselves or anyone else. A violation of these regulations could lead to disciplinary measures by the school as outlined in the student handbook.

In addition, cases are investigated in cooperation with the Baltimore County Police Department. If warranted, further steps--including formal charges--may be taken by the police.

We suggest that parents periodically check their children’s phones. If you are aware of any inappropriate conduct in our schools or in the community which might impact the school environment, please notify a school administrator immediately. If the conduct is not associated with or a direct threat to the school, please contact the police immediately. The police will notify school officials, if warranted, based on their investigation. Often our children understand neither the severity of sharing this type of material nor the legal ramifications.  

The safety of our students is our top priority in providing a positive learning environment. 


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