Summer Reading

Hi Gator Faculty and Staff (and English DCs in our feeder schools),

As we wind down, my favorite time of the year is approaching! No, not summer…well, yes. Summer Reading!!! This is the time of year where we get to read what we want. 

  • Kids are being asked to read over the summer. Help to inspire them by checking out the offerings and talking them up. I talk to kids about books all of the time, and even my most reluctant of readers can be pulled in by just having these discussions. I’ve attached the summer readings (whole school, AP 11, AP 12, self-contained choices). See if you can get kids excited about reading. 
  • Mrs. Habtemariam and I are also completing 100 days of summer writing. Check it out here: Interested in joining us? Check out our wiki and again talk it up to the kids: 
  • Finally, as an English teacher, I love reading my own self-selected books (currently reading Billie by Anna Gavalda). I already have a stack of 20. Need book ideas? Interested in sharing book titles? Follow me on Twitter (@cturnerteacher) and on Goodreads: Let’s make this the summer of #literacy. 

And of course, if you want any personal recommendations, email me. I love chatting it up about books. #booknerd #booksarelife

Mrs. Chris Turner
English Department Chair
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