School Procedures

Mr. Craig Reed, Principal
Mr. Mark Baikauskas, Assistant Principal                  Grade 11        
Ms. Terri Cohee, Assistant Principal                          Grade 9, A-J
Dr. Roderick W. Harden, Assistant Principal             Grade 10
Ms. Tephany Ortiz, Assistant Principal                      Grade 12        
Ms. Kathleen Watkins, Assistant Principal                Grade 9, K-Z              


Our vision is to prepare globally competitive students who are college and career ready by engaging the school community in a literacy-rich, learner-centered and equitable environment.



Our mission is to work together to cultivate an equitable community of life-long learners through literacy.



All students must carry their BCPS One ID cards at all times with the exception of physical education classes. Students may be denied access to events such as dances without their BCPS One card.

Good attendance is a vital part of student success. If a student must be absent from school, the student must present an absence note to the main office within 3 days after returning to school. The note must include the student's name, grade level, date of absence, the reason for the absence and must be signed by a parent or guardian. If a student is absent for more than three consecutive days, a doctor/physician's note must be presented.

 BCPS Reasons for Excused Absences and Lateness:

Lawful/Excused                                                             Unlawful/Unexcused

Death in Family               Other Emergency                        Truancy

Illness of Child                Exclusion-Other                          Other Unlawful

Court Summons               Health Risk

Violent Storms                 Immunization Exclusion

Work Approved               Suspension

Religious Holiday

State Emergency

For a student to be counted as present for a full day, the student must be in attendance four hours or more of the school day. All students who arrive after 7:45 AM must sign in at the front office to check in and pick up a late pass before being admitted to class. A note explaining the reason for the lateness is required at the time of arrival in order for the lateness to be excused. Latenesses that requires a student to miss significant time from any given class can be reflected as an absence from that class. Unexcused latenesses to school or any class will begin progressive discipline at the classroom and/or administrative level. Other than a late school bus, personal transportation problems are not acceptable excuses for lateness. Students are expected to be on time for classes.  

**** Students who are tardy/late without a valid excuse note may not be able to participate in extracurricular activities that school day.

The assistant principal may permit absences during a school year for unusual and/or imperative circumstances. This request must be made in writing  to the appropriate administrator at least two weeks in advance of the expected absence and should be in accordance with BCPS reasons for excused absences.

Unavoidable requests for early dismissal should be brought to the main office before 7:45 AM. The notes must be signed by a parent/guardian with the time and date to be excused, a parent contact number, and the reason for the early dismissal.

  • Unplanned early dismissals must be arranged by the nurse or the main office. Students must sign out in the main office before leaving school property.

It is expected that students attending Perry Hall High School will dress appropriately for an educational setting.

Perry Hall High School considers the following to be inappropriate dress for an educational setting:

  • Dress apparel must not cause disruption, be a safety or health hazard, or hinder the educational process.
  • Clothing or accessories with inappropriate slogans or pictures (which includes but not limited to alcohol, tobacco, sexually explicit, drug related, gang affiliation or other illicit activity)
  • Students must not wear chains (including wallet or belt chains) or spikes on clothing.
  • Appropriate footwear is encouraged in the gym or Technology Education area for safety reasons.
  • Inappropriate accessories may be confiscated and held for parent pick-up. Parents should also know that students found in violation must have clothing brought to them or risk being excluded from classes. Class exclusion due to inappropriate clothing will be considered an unexcused absence from class.

It is important to teach our students how to use technology responsibly. In allowing access to electronic devices we want to help students to do so appropriately. An electronic device is a cell phone, mp3 player, tablet, e-reader, or any other device that has access to music or the internet. Cell phones may not be used for phone calls at any time or for any reason during the school day (7:45 AM - 2:15 PM). Students may use the text or music features (only with headphones or earbuds) of their electronic devices only during their change of class time or during their lunch period. Electronic devices may be used in class only after such use has been approved for instructional purposes by a teacher or administrator. Staff members may assign a consequence to students that are using electronics inappropriately in the classroom.

  • All electronic devices are prohibited during drills and emergency situations because the use of them could put student and staff safety at risk.
  • Student cell phones should not be left unsupervised. Students are required to charge their electronic devices at home, not at school.
  • Students will be held responsible for the use and content on their electronic device, if such activity impedes the educational program.

Students are responsible for their personally-issued HP devices. Devices should be carried in the issued bag at all times. If the device has a problem and requires service, the student should complete a service ticket.


Students are expected to be familiar with the contents of the
Board of Education’s Student Behavior Handbook.

The following additional policies are specific to Perry Hall High School.


  • Students may enter the building at 7:15am at the main lobby or fine arts lobby. The building is not open prior to 7:15am.
  • During inclement weather, students may enter the main lobby at 7:00am. Students will need to remain in the main lobby area until 7:15am.
  • Students who have not reported to their first period class by 7:45am will report to the main lobby for a late pass.
  • Breakfast is available from 7:15am to 7:40am near the cafeteria. After 7:40 we will stop serving breakfast to ensure students have time to report to first period.
  • Student parking is available in the student lot (closest to Ebenezer). Students may not park in any other lot.
  • Parents are encouraged to drop their students off near the fine arts lobby entrance between at 7:15am and 7:45am. Prior to 7:15am, we do not have staff on duty to supervise students and we will not be able to allow them into the building. Students dropped off between 7:40 and 7:45am are very likely to be late to first period and thus marked late to school for the day.
  • After 7:45, parents are encouraged to drop students off near the main entrance in order to allow that student to get a late pass and report to first period.


  • When the school day ends at 2:15pm, all students, both bus riders and walkers, must begin exiting the building. No students should be in the building, unsupervised, after 2:25pm.
  • The school does not have staff available to supervise students after they exit the building at the end of the school day, so students should not plan on waiting in the building for rides. In the rare occasion that a student needs to wait for a ride, they should report to the main office, and then wait in the main lobby area. Student may not wait for rides in any other parts of the building.
  • Students staying after school for sports, clubs, activities, coach class, driving school, etc. should report to the appropriate staff member immediately after school.
  • Students may not wait in the building to attend evening events. We do not have staff available to supervise students between 2:15 and whenever an afternoon or evening event is held. Students must leave school at 2:15 and return prior to the event they wish to observe.
  • When evening events conclude, students are again expected to leave the building in a timely manner. Staff have a multitude of responsibilities they must attend to following an evening activity, and they are not able to spend large amounts of time supervising students waiting for rides, for their friends, etc. Students need to plan in advance to have a ride available for them at the conclusion of any evening event.

Bus transportation is provided for all students in alignment with BCPS policy. Students who choose to drive have access to street parking on a first come, first served basis. Students are reminded to be mindful of permitted parking in the surrounding neighborhood. For example, do not park on Perryvale Rd; you will be towed. Students who park on the streets in the community are expected to obey all traffic regulations and behave as good neighbors. No cars should be parked in front of mailboxes or driveways.

The student parking lot will be available for student parking on a first come, first served basis. Students are not to park in the teacher lot or visitor spaces.

Students that park in the student parking lot must observe the following regulations:

  • Students should not be in the parking lot or in any vehicle during school hours without specific permission from an administrator. Students should not loiter in their cars and are expected to enter the building immediately upon arrival. All cars should be locked. The school cannot assume responsibility for theft or damage.
  • Student cars parked in the school parking lot may be subject to a police search if there is probable cause to suspect that the car contains alcohol, drugs, or weapons.
  • Speeding or any other type of reckless driving is prohibited.

A “Locker Request Form” will be available on the school website for students who want a locker. Lockers will be subject to inspection by authorized personnel of the Board of Education at any time and without notice. The school does not assume responsibility for loss of personal possessions, including personal possessions or cell phones. Perry Hall High School encourages students not to bring valuables to school; however, if valuables are brought to school they should be secured in a school or gym locker. Lockers may not be shared.

Smoking and use of tobacco in the school building or on school grounds are prohibited by state law and the Board of Education of Baltimore County. The use of e-cigarettes and vaping devices are also prohibited, regardless of their contents. Violation of these rules will result in disciplinary action as stated in the Handbook.

In order to maintain an uninterrupted and healthy learning environment, please be advised that we will not allow the delivery of commercially-prepared food or drink to students at Perry Hall High including items brought for celebrations such as birthdays. This includes deliveries from local fast food restaurants and those made from curbside delivery services, such as Grub Hub, etc. Students are not allowed to leave school property for lunch and must remain in the cafeteria during their assigned lunch period.

All Perry Hall High School students will have to produce a pre-paid ticket for identified events. A student who leaves the event after having been admitted is not permitted to return. All policies contained in the Student Behavior Handbook shall be in effect for all after-school/evening events.

In order to attend school dances at Perry Hall or other BCPS schools, students must be in good standing. This includes, but is not limited to, meeting the following requirements: academic (not failing more than 1 course), attendance (no more than 10% unexcused absence rate), behavioral (no suspensions in current or previous quarter) and all financial obligations paid. Guests must be in good academic standing and be under 21 years old. **** Seniors who wish to attend prom must be on track to graduation with their class. This determination will be made by the Senior Administrator.

Behavior which interferes with the normal function of a school or disrupts or interferes with the academic process constitutes a violation of the rights of others. Students who are responsible for disruptive behavior are subject to disciplinary action in accordance with Board of Education policy #5550. The Board of Education Student Behavior Handbook is reviewed annually with students, and they are expected to be familiar with its contents.

Emergency drills at regular intervals are required by law and are an important safety precaution. The type of emergency will determine the plan followed by the school. Detailed plans are available upon request. In partnership with the Baltimore County Police Department, all staff and students will be trained in ALICE (alert, lockdown, inform, counter, evacuate) protocols for an active assailant.

Students who receive more than one E in any marking period are ineligible for interscholastic sports and for all extra-curricular activities. Further, BCPS requires that student athletes maintain a 2.0 GPA in order to retain eligibility for sports. Fourth quarter grades, not final grades; determine the eligibility for participation in fall sports and activities for grades 10-12.

Perry Hall has numerous clubs and organizations to interest and involve students. More information will be provided at the fall Club Fair and will also be posted on the school website.

Due to the reorganizing of transportation in the Northeast area, transportation information is not available at this time for Perry Hall High School. However, that information will be posted on the Perry Hall High School website as soon as it becomes available. Each family will receive a phone call when the transportation information is available on the school’s website.