Attending Events Rules & Procedures

Admission to Athletic Events

  • High school students must present a student ID in order to purchase a ticket to the event.
  • Middle and elementary age students are welcome to attend when they are accompanied by a parent / guardian.
  • Guests 18 and older should be able to produce an ID when purchasing their ticket.  
  • No tickets will be sold after the facility reaches the attendance capacity.
  • No tickets will be sold when the event is 75% completed.
  • All athletics are “Pay and Stay;” once a spectator leaves the facility, readmittance is prohibited.
  • Perry Hall High School reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone we believe is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  


Safety Procedures 

  • No backpacks, outside food, or outside drinks are allowed inside our athletics facilities.
  • Smoking and vaping are strictly prohibited on all BCPS property.
  • Loitering in areas not designated for spectating or concession sales is prohibited.
  • Perry Hall High School wishes to have a family-friendly environment for all our guests, so foul or abusive language is strictly prohibited.  
  • All guests are expected to conduct themselves in such a way that they do not inhibit the ability of other guests to enjoy the competition.  
  • Students from all BCPS schools are reminded that all the rules in the BCPS student handbook apply while on school property.  
  • School staff reserve the right to remove any individual who fails to comply with any of these rules.