Athletic Eligibility

Athletic Eligibility

Any student entering a Baltimore County high school after September 30 and before November 15, shall be ineligible to represent the school in interscholastic athletic competition during the first semester, unless such late entrance shall be by transfer from a school which the student has attended regularly during the current school year. Cases involving students who enter after November 15 will be decided by the principal and Coordinator of the Office of Athletics.

If a student transfers during a sport season and the transfer is not the result of a parental change of address or pursuant to law, the student is not eligible to participate in the same sport in which he/she participated at the previous school for the remainder of that sport season.

(Note: Participation in a sport begins with the first day of team try-outs.)

Any student who attends a school outside the district in which a student resides without the special permission of the Superintendent's office of the Baltimore County Public Schools is ineligible.

The use of undue influence by anyone to cause a student to transfer from one school to another for an athletic purpose shall render the student ineligible for a period of one year from the official date of transfer.

A student who qualifies for a waiver of the four-year full-time enrollment may participate in extracurricular activities and is entitled to all the rights and privileges of a full-time student of the school, providing the student is currently enrolled.

Students are ineligible if:

  1. They have less than a 2.0 grade point average with no more than one failing, incomplete, or medical grade in the marking period prior to the start of the season of participation. This provision does not apply to incoming 9th grade students for fall eligibility.
    1. First, second, third, and fourth marking period will be used for determining scholastic eligibility for winter, spring, and fall.
    2. The ending dates for marking periods shall be designated on the BCPS approved calendar.
  2. They re-enter school after withdrawing and their work or conduct at the time of withdrawal was such that they would not have been eligible in the marking period.
  3. They did not attend school the marking period prior to the intended participation.
  4. They are failing a class at the time of withdrawal in addition to another failure. The students shall be penalized for the withdrawal failure for one marking period only. Any first semester course or full year course dropped prior to November 15 will not be counted in determining eligibility. The date for dropping a second semester course is prior to April 15.

A student who is ineligible in a marking period can become eligible to play no earlier than day report cards are distributed. However, this student can become eligible to practice on the day designated as the end of that marking period in which the ineligibility occurred. 

The return of an ineligible player is at the discretion of the athletic director and principal.