CCBC Programs

CCBC Cheat Sheet

Two options:


You can take classes at CCBC in the evenings or summer or, if you have an early release, seniors can take classes there during the school year.  Students may take remedial, elective or Gen Eds on the Essex Campus.



You can take CCBC classes offered here on Perry Hall’s campus. 

We offer 2-3 courses “on-location” each semester. Seniors have 4+ courses offered (early release is needed). Most courses meet general education requirements. *Check individual colleges for specifics.  

*All necessary documents and helpful resources can be found on the Class of 2021 Schoology Group Page under “resources”.*

Steps to follow while we are in a virtual environment:

  1. Submit CCBC application (Make sure to write down your CCBC ID number when you receive it.)
  2. Currently, there is no Accuplacer placement test available virtually. You must have a 2.5 unweighted, Cumulative GPA to take any credit-bearing courses at CCBC. (You can ask your counselor for your updated GPA.)
  3. Meet with academic advisor at CCBC if you plan to take classes through CCBC’s campus, or your school counselor if you plan to take one of Perry Hall’s offered dual-enrollment classes to discuss CCBC course options
  4. Submit ECAP consent form to Ms. Furman at [email protected]
  5. Turn in registration sheet for CCBC “on-location” at PHHS classes to Ms. Furman or Register for CCBC classes through CCBC directly using your SIMON account if you wish to take a class at CCBC.

*There are tuition discounts for BCPS high school students (Link Tuition Discount Chart) of either ½ off or FREE tuition.  You will still pay for books and fees. 

**Dual Credit-some classes can be taken for both high school and college credit