Moving, Registration & Residency

Are You Moving into the Perry Hall Area?

1. Check your address to make sure you are in the Perry Hall HS zone.  

A student who has fraudulently enrolled in a Baltimore County school will receive written notification from the principal of withdrawal in 15 days. Parents will be responsible for tuition for the time spent in a Baltimore County school.

2. Call the School Counseling Office at 443-809-5110 to set up a registration appointment. Student should accompany parent to registration appointment.
3. Refer to the school registration checklist to see what documents you need to bring with you.
4. You are welcome to come in ahead of time to pick up a registration packet from the School Counseling office or print these linked forms below to get a head start of filling out your child’s paperwork.
  1. School Registration
  2. New Student Health History
  3. Consent for Release of Records      
  4. Discretionary Medication Form

Residency Information

  • New residency documents must be brought to the school when you move to a new address.
  • All students matriculating from grade 5 to 6 grade and from grade 8 to 9 grade must re-verify their residency.
  • If have not done this in the spring of your child’s grade 8 you must come to Perry Hall to complete this or you will not receive your child’s schedule and the student will be withdrawn.