Counseling FAQs

How to get the MD MVA Learner’s Permit Verification of Identity and/or School Attendance Form/process:

New form due to COVID. DL-300A.  The form is only completed by the student and parent, NOT the Counseling office.


How to change the student’s address and he/she is STILL in the PHHS zone:

Email or with the parent’s lease, dead, settlement sheet or tax bill and 3 pieces of mail (showing the new address which shows the date within 60 days) and your picture ID (IF there is an address on the ID it must be the correct address or be accompanied by a change of address card). 


How to enroll at Perry Hall HS:

Go to  Fill out the form and then someone from PHHS will be in touch about the next steps.  PHHS must have all required documents in order to be enrolled.


How to withdraw from Perry Hall HS:

Email with the student name and the name of new school and a digital MD withdraw packet will be created and sent to the parent’s email provided. 


How to renew shared domicile:

Go to the BCPS web site, click Registration During Closure and click Shared Domicile Renewal 

Shared Domicile Renewal form 


How to verify residency for an incoming 9th grader:

Go to the BCPS web site, click Registration During Closure and click Reverification of  Residency


How to do a shared domicile (for the first time): 

Send an email to Jeanette Young at She will advise parent of requirements needed. 

The PHHS School Counseling Office will be operating all summer long. Any other concerns not

listed above, please call 443-809-5110 or email or Voicemail and emails will be responded within 24 to 48 business hours.