FAQs for New Students

Perry Hall High School FAQs

Q:        What time does school start and end?
A:        School is 7:45 am to 2:15 pm; after 7:45 am you are late to school. Doors open at 7:15 am.

Q:        What is “A” day or “B” Day?
A:        PHHS has 90 minute classes with 4 periods on an “A” day and 4 periods on a “B” day. A and B days alternate.  For a copy of the yearlong BCPS A/B Day schedule click here

Q:        When do I eat lunch?
A:        There are four lunch shifts which are built into the 3rd period class. Lunch shifts A-D are indicated next to period 3 on your schedule. Your whole 3rd period class on “A” days or “B” days will eat at the same time because of this your lunch cannot be changed. Lunch times may be different on “A” days and on “B” days.

Q:        Do I have to take PE and wear a PE uniform?
A:        All BCPS students must gain one credit in “Fitness Foundations/Mastery” or Physical Education. All PE students can purchase a PE uniform and padlock during the first week of school or by going to   Shirt S-XL $8, XXL $10 Shorts S-XL $11, XXL $13 Lock $6

Q:        Do I have to wear a uniform to school?
A:        No. It is expected that students attending Perry Hall High School will continue to dress appropriately for an educational setting. See student planner for more details.

Q:        Is summer reading assigned?
A:        Yes, this can be found on the Perry Hall HS website or a hard copy is available in the counseling office.

Q:        How do I purchase lunch?
A:        You can add money to a debit card by going two ways link
You can apply for Free or Reduced Lunch (qualification based on income).  This takes up to two weeks to go into effect. You are responsible for supplying lunch or money until this program is in effect. Link here
You can also pack or bring money for lunch.  It costs approx. $3.00 for a lunch.

Q:        How will I get information about bus transportation?
A:        Bus information for summer enrollments will come via school messenger. If you have questions you can speak with the AP in charge of transportation, Dr. Harden or Mrs. Mollie Kessel in the front office at 443-809-5108

Q:        Is there a school supply list?
A:        Because there is a great variety of classes here at Perry Hall HS we suggest you come prepared the first day with a three ring binder (2.5-3 inches), loose leaf paper, dividers, pens, pencils and a book bag. After the first few days certain classes may have specific items you need to purchase for that class.

Q:        Will I get a locker?
A:        All students are assigned lockers by their homeroom teacher.