School Counseling Mission

School Counseling Mission Statement

To implement an ASCA aligned, comprehensive developmental program to address academic, career / college readiness and social emotional needs of all students within an equitable, safe and orderly learning environment. Through counseling, coordination and collaboration with colleagues and community, school counselors will empower students to overcome barriers to reach their maximum potential as responsible citizens and life-long learners in a 21st century global society.

School Counseling Vision Statement

The vision for the Perry Hall School Counseling department is rooted in the belief that all students can learn, grow and thrive. School Counselors support the academic, career and social-emotional development of all students by implementing an ASCA aligned comprehensive program. By partnering with parents, educators, and community stakeholders school counselors expect that students will be able to graduate through a rigorous high school experience and have access to a college or career program that enables them to become healthy, productive members of society. In this way students can become successful adults who hold college degrees, post-secondary degrees, vocational training, excel in decision making and can support themselves both social-emotionally and financially.