Music and Dance

Music & Dance Department


Course Offerings

  • 4 levels of Band including technique building woodwinds/brass/percussion
  • 4 levels of Choir including treble/ tenor bass and mixed choir ensembles
  • 4 levels of Dance including standard/honors and ensemble level
  • 4 levels of Guitar including a Guitar Orchestra
  • 2 levels of Orchestra including a concert and chamber ensemble
  • 3 levels of Piano standard/honors and an independent GT course
  • 2 levels of Music and Audio Technology
  • AP Music Theory Course

Additional Courses/Offerings unique to Perry Hall High School

  • PHHS Steel Drum Ensemble
  • PHHS Gospel Choir
  • PHHS Marching Gators
  • PHHS Select Treble Choir
  • PHHS Select Tenor/Bass Choir
  • PHHS Select Mixed Choir
  • PHHS Rock ‘n Roll Workshop
  • PHHS Jazz Band
  • PHHS Dance Company

Accolades & Events

  • Grammy Top 100 Music Communities
  • Bi-Annual Disney World Department Wide Trip
  • Superior Ratings for Band/Orchestra and Choir Assessments Annually
  • Marching Gators Parade and Field show
  • Artist Masterclass in Guitar/Piano
  • Annual EOY Awards Nights for Band/Orchestra & Choir
  • PHHS Pops Choral Concert
  • PHHS/PHMS/PGMS Halloween Orchestra Concert