Honor Societies

To qualify for National Honor Society membership, you MUST meet the following requirements.*

GPA Minimum:
Sophomores must have attained a 3.5 cumulative GPA
Juniors must have a 3.4 cumulative GPA
Seniors must have a 3.3 cumulative GPA

School / Community Service:
You Must be able to prove your involvement with at least THREE of the following service organizations.
A-Clubs/School Organizations (Involvement beyond school hours)
B-Art/Drama/Music (Involvement beyond school hours)
C-Publications (Involvement beyond school hours)
D-Service within the School (Peer Mediator, Mentor, Tutor, etc.)
E-Service within the Community (Charities, religious and/or civic organizations, hospitals, soup kitchens, recycling work, etc.)
F-Sports (School and/or community)

You will need to be able to provide 6 different references from current and past teachers at Perry Hall HS.

The Application Process:
1. Interested students must sign up for GPA verification in mid-January.
2. Applications are given out to students to meet the minimum GPA in the beginning of February and are due two weeks later.
3. References from teachers are then gathered and service hours are verified.
4. New members are notified of acceptance in March and are inducted later that month.

National Honor Society*

Herman Schulz & Douglas Sentz

National Art Honor Society

Erik Whipple

National Dance Honor Society

Sarah Soule Walter

National English Honor Society


National French Honor Society

Stefanie Tadman

National Mathematics Honor Society

National Social Studies Honor Society

Christina Krause; Heather Evans

National Spanish Honor Society


Quill & Scroll Literary Honor Society

LeeAnne Richardson; Shannon Strazzire

National Science Honor Society

Carole Blake & Andre Yelovich

Tri-M Music Honor Society

John Pusateri

Please contact individual honor society sponsors for the criteria to qualify for membership.